How to Register for Classes

Registering for classes is an exciting time. Whether you are just starting to pick your general education courses, or finishing program requirements before graduation, it all starts here.

Here's how to enroll: 

Step 1: Know your admission status and review your registration eligibility.  

Step 2: Prepare for registration by searching the Schedule of Classes, using the Shopping Cart, reviewing your program requirements, and knowing the date and time of your Enrollment Appointment. 

Note: An Enrollment Appointment is the earliest date and time you are able to officially self-enroll in classes. This date is determined by your academic program, earned credits (including those that are transferred in), and any additional priority groups you may be in (for example, military-connected students and honors students). The Enrollment Appointment will be posted in UAccess about a week before registration begins. A complete list of possible Enrollment Appointments is on the Registration Schedule. 

Step 3: Your Shopping Cart is full and your Enrollment Appointment time is here. Now it's time to officially enroll in classes for the next term! 

Use these tutorials to guide you through the process of adding, dropping, and swapping classes.  And don't worry...if you get stuck, we're here to help

Step 4: Congratulations! Once you have successfully enrolled in classes for the upcoming term, make sure to check your financial aid and bursar accounts before the start of classes. If you end up needing to change your schedule after the self-service deadlines in UAccess Student, you can use the Change of Schedule process.