nathan cesna grimes


The first use of the term “Registrar” at The University of Arizona was found in the 1912-1913 Register.​

Nathan Cesna Grimes was a member of the faculty and one of 11 administrative officers at The University.



Janis smiling for photo, wearing white blouse with blue sweater

The Office of the Registrar has displayed beautiful watercolors on this page painted by retiree Janis Behm. Janis worked in the Office of the Registrar for over 15 years and retired in 2016.   

Janis received a BS degree in Education with a major in art at Concordia University in 1980. While working at The University of Arizona she wasn't able to make a full time career as an artist; over the years she free-lanced as a graphic designer, an illustrator, and worked in various print shops as a paste-up artist. "Watercolor has turned out to be the hardest but most rewarding medium of all," said Janis. Watercolor is her passion and joy. In 2013, Janis discovered a book at the UA Bookstore that showcased artists who kept sketching journals; most used ink and watercolor in their sketches. This was the inspiration she needed to pursue watercolor in a different way. Before she retired, Janis had already filled 7 journals with ink and watercolor sketches. 

Janis' father, older brother and sister are also artists. Janis does not have art for sale, but she hopes to in the future. She takes commissions and she is happy to talk with anyone who is interested. 

Janis can be reached by email at JBEHM@arizona.edu

Painting of Chemistry Building, by Janis Behm


Painting of Olive Tree, by Janis Behm
Painting of Administration Building, by Janis Behm


Painting of Campus Building, by Janis Behm