Transcript Evaluation Process

Credit earned at other regionally accredited colleges and universities is transferable.  Evaluation of transcripts from post-secondary institutions is a 2-step process. First, the courses are evaluated with respect to the University of Arizona's policy on the acceptability of transfer credit in the Office of the Registrar. During this initial evaluation, University staff determines which courses are accepted and post these credits to your academic record in UAccess.

Courses transferred from Arizona community colleges and some courses from Arizona public universities are given UA department equivalencies if these exist. Course equivalencies for in-state community colleges are provided in the Arizona Course Applicability System (AZCAS). Transfer students who complete the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) at their community college need to have the AGEC certified on their transcript before it can be added to their UA academic record.

Most courses from Arizona public universities and all courses from regionally accredited out-of-state institutions are given general UA department credit, which is identified with a "T-number" following the department abbreviation. After credits are accepted from the transfer institution, you should check your Degree Audit, available through UAccess Student Self-Service, to see how the first step of the evaluation process has resulted in direct equivalencies or general department credit at the UA.

If you are from a school on the quarter system, here is how to convert quarter units to semester units: simply multiply the number of quarter units by 2/3 (or .67).

  • Example:
    • 4 unit course from a quarter system = 2.68 semester credit units at UA

The next step is to contact your college and/or major academic advisor(s) to find out how the general department credits (the T-number courses) apply to your University of Arizona degree program. You may need to supply a course syllabus or course description so that your advisors can determine any UA course equivalencies. If your transfer coursework includes English composition, you must contact the English Composition Office, Modern Languages Building, Room 380, for an evaluation of those credits. In addition, a Department of Mathematics advisor, Mathematics Building, Room 108, must evaluate your foundation mathematics coursework. When the advisors understand the content of your transfer courses, they will make appropriate substitutions to apply the transfer credits to your degree requirements in UAccess. This substitution or adjustment process will result in a more accurate Degree Audit, which shows how your transfer courses satisfy your degree requirements in General Education, your major, minor, and electives.

If you transfer additional credits to the University, this 2-step transfer evaluation process is repeated.

Evaluated transfer credits are included in the calculation of your classification - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. The evaluation of transfer credits takes up to two weeks. You must have your transcripts evaluated before Enrollment Appointments are assigned.  Once Enrollment Appointments are assigned, they cannot be changed.

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