University General Petitions Website

After the petition process closes for the summer months, petitions will not be accepted or processed until the beginning of the Fall semester.

What does it mean to petition?

Undergraduate students may petition the University General Petitions Committee for relief if they believe they deserve redress or exception to university rules, regulations, or policies regarding academic affairs.

NEW!  There are three types of General Petitions: 1) General Petition for Extenuating Circumstances (Medical Withdrawal), 2) General Petition for Extenuating Circumstances (Discrimination or Harassment reason for Withdrawal) and General Petition (all other requests.)

 When a general petition is filed, the Petition Committee's review is done by circulating the information supplied. The committee members’ support or denial is based on their review of submitted documents.


What is not subject to a General Petition?


  • Courses for which you wish to change from grade type P/F to grade type A,B,C,D,E will not be considered. See the Dean of the college in which you are majoring if you want a P/F course to satisfy a requirement.
  • If you have graduated: Petitions for retroactive withdrawal are only available before the student's degree is awarded.
  • Financial matters: The general petition process is for academic policy relief. See the Bursar's Office for fall and spring semester requests; summer and winter session requests, contact the Office of Summer & Winter Sessions.
  • Grade appeals: If you are seeking a higher grade in a course than was awarded, and can not resolve the matter with your instructor, you need to follow the grade appeal process. See Policies in the Academic catalog.
  • If you want to extend the time needed to complete an "I" for a course and the incomplete has not expired, obtain a Petition for Extension of Course Work from your college Dean’s office or the Office of Registration & Transcripts.
  • Graduate students should consult the Graduate College for information on submitting Graduate Petitions. If the course to be petitioned is an undergraduate course, the student needs to file an undergraduate General Petition. This form can be obtained in Registration and Transcripts, Administration, Room 210.
  • College Petition: Students may also formally request redress or exception to college policies of requirements. (i.e. change in program, substitution of course work, transfer credit, etc.). This is referred to as a college petition. Students should consult with their college Dean's office for information on submitting a college petition.

Frequently asked questions about filing a petition:

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What if my petition is denied?

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