Diploma, Facsimile, and Notarization Services

Carol W. Carpenter
Graduation Services, MLK, Room 319
Phone: (520) 621-6056
Fax: (520) 621-1008

Office Hours: M-T-W, 8AM to 1:30PM

Please note:

  • The University of Arizona does not have a copy of your diploma on file.
  • Notarization services are available only for degrees awarded by the University of Arizona.
  • Only the University of Arizona is qualified to verify our degrees on facsimiles, diplomas, diploma copies, and official transcripts, through the use of our notary.
  • Any submitted document will be compared to our official transcript for degree verification.
  • Any person acting on your behalf must submit a signed, dated statement from you that gives us their name and contact information, and your permission for them to act on your behalf.
  • Processing of notarized documents through the UA requires a minimum of five working days. Once documents leave the university, there is no way of tracking their progress through the Arizona Secretary of State's office.
  • It is your responsibility to know what level of processing and/or document verification is needed. Please contact the agency requesting your documents before submitting requests.
  • You may request that a copy of your facsimile or notarized diploma be sent by fax machine or as a scanned email attachment, before the original is mailed, to your designated address. Per our policy, we will not fax a transcript copy.


A facsimile is a notarized document similar to a diploma. Application for Facsimiles (free Acrobat Reader required for download) can be made in person (during office hours), or by submitting the form by fax, email scan of document, or U.S. mail to Carol.  A facsimile costs $15 per document, including notarization.

Notarized Official Transcripts :

To have a University of Arizona transcript notarized you may:

1)   Order and pay for an official sealed transcript from The UA Transcript Office in Administration Building 210, then bring the sealed transcript to Carol in MLK 319 during office hours (see above). Also print out and bring this application with you (Application for Services).

2)  Order an official transcript through our web instructions at http://www.registrar.arizona.edu/regtrans/transcripts. Select the "hold for pick-up" option to Carol's attention and add a note to the form that the transcript is to be notarized.  Please also fill out the following application and fax it to Carol for payment (Application for Services)

Notarized Diplomas:

To have a U of A diploma notarized you may:

1)  Fax, email a scanned copy, or mail a copy of your diploma to Carol at (520) 621-1008. Please also fill out the following application and fax it to Carol (Application for Services).

2)  If you need to order a brand new U of A diploma to be notarized, please fill out and fax, email a scanned copy, or mail the Application for Diploma Replacement. The charge is $50 per diploma (Diploma Replacement).  Also please fill out the following application and fax it to Carol for payment: (Application for Services).   The diploma takes approximately two weeks to arrive in Carol's office from the printer for notarization.

Notarization of Transcripts and Diplomas for International Purposes:

University of Arizona facsimiles, transcripts, diplomas, and diploma copies that need verification of our notary through the Arizona Secretary of State's office require additional processing. To accomplish this you may:

1)  Pick up your completed notarized document from Carol (during office hours) and take it to the Arizona Secretary of State's Tucson office at 400 W Congress, Suite 252. They will attach either an Apostille for a Hague Convention country or a Certificate of Authenticity for a non-Hague Convention country. Their fee per document is $3 (subject to change).

For more information on any of the above, please contact Carol W. Carpenter (see phone and office hours above).