Grading Policy Manual: University Academic Grading Policies -- Pass/Fail Option


Certain departmentally approved courses may be taken using the Pass/Fail option.

Eligible students are those who have attained sophomore standing with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.000.

The only final grades available for courses taken under the Pass/Fail option are "P" (pass) and "F" (fail).

Students may not take more than two Pass/Fail courses per semester, nor more than twelve Pass/Fail courses during an undergraduate degree program.

A student must take a minimum of 12 units of regular graded courses during the term in which he or she registers for a Pass/Fail course.

Pass/Fail courses are counted as electives only and are monitored by the student's college dean's office.


For certain courses, a graduate student may elect to register under the Pass/Fail option.  Under such registration, the only final grades available to the student are "P" (pass) or "F" (fail).  To recieve the grade of "P," the student must be doing work comparable to a "C" or better.  If a course is taken under the Pass/Fail option, the grade of "P" or "F" will be permanently recorded.  If the course is passed, the units of credit may be applied toward the degree at the discretion of the student's major advisor.  Pass/Fail grades are NOT inlcuded in the GPA.

Students registering for a coure under the Pass/Fail option must meet the prerequisites or otherwise satisfy the instructor of their ability to take the course.

Students may register under the Pass/Fail option for not more than two courses per semester.  Students may change from Pass/Fail enrollment to enrollment for a regular grade, or vice versa, only during the time period prior to the last day of the fourth calendar week (Fall and Spring) during which classes are held, except with special permission of the Dean, Graduate College.

The department determines which of its courses will be available under the Pass/Fail option, but this is subject to approval by the instructor teaching the course.  Graduate students may take courses offered by the College of Law for Pass/Fail for graduate credit.  Graduate students who need to complete admission deficiencies or who wish to take undergraduate courses for Pass/Fail may do so, but they will not earn graduate credit for those courses.  The instructor shall be informed by the Office of the Registrar which students are enrolled under the Pass/Fail option.

Courses that are available for Pass/Fail are designated as such in the Schedule of Classes as "Available: Pass/Fail."

For additional information see the Pass/Fail Policy in the General Catalog.