Grading Policy Manual: University Academic Grading Policies -- Changing Final Grades

University General Petition: Students may petition the University General Petition Committee for exceptions to academic rules, regulations, and policies. Additional information regarding the petition process can be found on the University General Petitions site. See also, the Petitions policy in the General Catalog.

Grade Appeal Policy: A student who feels that a grade has been unfairly awarded may appeal that grade. See also, the Grade Appeal policy in the General Catalog.

Removal Of Incomplete: Within one year of grade posting, a final grade may be changed by the instructor through UAccess Instructor Center.

Grade Miscalculation Correction: A miscalculation happens only when there has been an error in the computation of the grade. The grade change must be approved by the instructor's department head.  The instructor requests the grade change through UAccess Instructor Center.

Grades cannot be changed to W-withdrawn.

See also, the General Catalog for details on an Incomplete Grade.